6 Ways to Improve Inbound Call Conversion Rates

In general you’ll see a far higher conversion rate for inbound calls than with just about any form of digital marketing, including targeted efforts. Success with inbound sales calls can vary widely however, and it has a lot to do with your marketing strategy.

Below we’ve listed six straightforward ways that will have an immediate impact on conversions.


Use local phone numbers instead of toll-free numbers. Multiple studies have shown that offering customers a local phone number results in higher conversion rates than the traditional toll-free number. A local number gives your customer the impression that they’re talking to somebody close by versus somebody in a far away call center.


Link your phone number within your call to action. Many of us will treat the CTA as a place for the hard sale. But with ‘click to call’ proving to be a key driver in inbound call leads from mobile devices, why not link your CTA to your phone number? The link doesn’t have to be the phone number itself, either. (We should mention here that while click to call works well on mobile devices, there isn’t a lot of evidence that it is equally useful for desktop users.)


Have your phone number on every page in your site header. There’s no hard and fast rule that you can only place your phone number one time on your page. In fact, we recommend you place your phone number within the top header of your website so it appears on every page. Don’t make your customers search for it.



Make it obvious when you’re available for the customer’s call. Almost every shop you go to has an “open” sign on their front door. In the digital world, it’s a little less obvious since your website’s up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Along with your phone number in the header, why not use code to advertise to your visitors when somebody’s there to answer their call? Some inbound calling solutions make this very easy to do.


Use click to call options within online advertising platforms. If your web advertising provider offers click to call functionality within ads, use it. Too often we get stuck on the idea of clicks as the goal for the success of an ad, but it’s equally successful if the customer is clicking to call you directly. Your odds of closing the sale are dramatically higher, too.


Test and track. Never get comfortable with a certain way of doing things when it comes to attempting to close the sales. Customer behavior and expectations constantly change, so always track your inbound call activity, and adjust and test new methods accordingly. Your conversion rates will stagnate if you don’t.

None of these methods are overly difficult to implement, and if you use an inbound calling provider like Inbound Call, we’ve already done quite a bit of the heavy lifting for you. To schedule a demo, give us a call today.

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