Inbound Call is a team of professional sales people that value human connection, and understand the value of phone driven sales.

The Problem.

Our company was created to answer a problem in today’s global marketplace: how painful it is to call a business abroad. Not every business can afford to purchase dozens of local numbers to serve an ever larger and more geographically diverse customer base, and consumers naturally are skeptical of a foreign number.

The Solution.

We were certain that many others felt this way, and would appreciate a service that both makes it affordable to have a “global” phone presence, and eliminates the need for the customer to pay costly international telephone charges. If we could build a technology that solves this problem, would it drum up more business for websites that had the technology enabled?  No such service existed, so we got to work.

Increased Sales and Brand Trust.

Over the past two years, we’ve worked hard to bring to market a service that does just that. With just a few lines of code, our private beta customers were able to present a local number to website visitors in hundreds of U.S. cities and dozens of countries. The proof is in the results: our customers saw significant increases in inbound call volume.

A completely new technology.

Now we’re opening up our service to anyone. With three tiers of service aimed at small and large businesses alike, you can enjoy the same benefits — increased call volume, the trust of a local number, and decreased overhead to name a few — of “going local.”

We’d love to help connect your business with the world. Contact us today for more information.

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