Increase Customer Trust:

How to Get a Local Business Number.

Despite our increasingly global world, the average consumer responds better to and would rather do business with someone local. This presents a unique challenge to national and multinational companies, who often instead opt to use a toll free number.

Why do customers behave this way? It’s all about customer perception. While the toll free number can make smaller companies look bigger, a customer presented with a toll free number may assume that the person they’re calling is ‘disconnected’ from the business somehow, either in a huge corporate call center or somewhere far away.

This puts you at a disadvantage when it comes to making the sale. The call center operator may make people feel like they’re talking to someone that really doesn’t know what they’re talking about or worse yet cares about their needs. An unfamiliar area code or international number makes for a skeptical consumer, maybe due to a poor experience with overseas operators or a preference to ‘buy local.’

 We have data to back this up. Business directory service SinglePlatform found that 86 percent consider local business better than big business in terms of quality. 79 percent consider local business more reliable, and nearly three quarters of consumers will pay local businesses more if they perceive it to be of higher quality.

 A local number is also more attractive in advertising. Studies show that a consumer looking for a service is twice as likely to reach out to a company with a local number versus a toll free one, with the chances for a conversion noticeably higher. With such a small number of calls leading to sales so as it is, it’s imperative that business owners don’t make decisions that make closing the sale even more difficult.



It’s both difficult and time consuming for a business to set up local numbers for every area they’d like to do business in, however. Modern VoIP services require businesses to either purchase or lease every number, and that quickly can become prohibitively expensive. Many small and medium businesses won’t have that type of capital.

This is where Inbound Call comes in. We purchase the numbers on your behalf, and all you need to do to use the service is place a few lines of code in the headers of your web pages. The code does the rest, matching up a local number with the visitor’s location, taking advantage of that all important local feel and the trust it infers in your business.

If you’re interested in learning more about Inboundcall and how it might fit into your business strategy, please reach out to us today and we’ll be happy to show you how it works and how it benefits your bottom line.


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